Wednesday, June 21, 2006



Wow. I really can't believe this. I can't believe Zoints has evolved into the current system that it is. I volunteered to work with Zoints many months ago because I knew the company had a great team behind it, but little did I know that we would progress so quickly and so successfully.

I'm amazed. Why, you ask? Because it feels incredible to be a member, client, and employee of a company that I helped build. All of the hard work, the brainstorming, the discussions, writing, training - it finally seems to have all been synthesized into a tangible object that I can see every time I visit a Zoints community or check my profile! My own Zoints community ( is thriving and I'm always anxious to check out new comments on my profile (

I guess it's different for me, and probably for most of the Zoints team - but the amount of progress that we've seen is extraordinary. Every day new communities are asking to join, hundreds of new profiles are being created , and Zoints community membership and activity is rising! Wow!

You know what excites me even more? We are only at the threshold, and everyone here can smell what's coming. Bigger and better things. The creativity of some of the profiles I've seen assures me that we are reaching an audience that is going to demand that we put forth our best - and you know what? We're definitely willing and ready!

When I think about Zoints, I get excited - and you should be too. It's going to be something... revolutionary. Cliche you say? Wait several months or a year and then try to say that! I guarantee the face of the forum community will be swept away; the "nerdy Bulletin Board" notion will be no longer - but rather the internet community will be a lively and exciting place that reaches out to anyone and everyone with an interest in something.

It's new, it's different, and it's only going to get better. "It" is Zoints, and time is on our side...time is on our side. (Couldn't resist...such a great song. )

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