Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Let's Unite People.

Humanize cyberspace.
Zoints advocates fair and equal treatment, regardless of nationality, sexual orientation, religion, age, height, weight, race, gender, political stance, or organization.

People are people, and Zoints wants to get to know all of you. We love the community application because it unites individuals with extremely diverse backgrounds, blurring the lines that separate us from one another. When we meet someone online, we get to know the person inside first and foremost, without making snap decisions based upon any of the factors listed above.

Communities encourage us to open our minds to new ideas and viewpoints, and the rewards are great. We interact with and learn from people we may have never approached in 'real life.' We even find ourselves.

Most importantly, our online interaction enables us to forge relationships. We can be liberated from the geographic, physical, emotional, and mental boundaries that exist between us. We want to see every member of Zoints realize this freedom and tolerance, and we want you to reap joy from it.

Communities are about bringing people together. ALL people. And that's just what Zoints is going to do.

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