Monday, December 19, 2005


We Mean What We Say

I feel proud. I don't mean that I feel like I'm superior to anyone else - that's the wrong kind of pride. What I do mean is that I feel grateful and lucky to be working with Zoints. I applied to Zoints as a Community Consultant, not quite sure of what I was getting myself into. But as time went on, I discovered that the people I'm working with are simply amazing. The communication, the promptness, the friendliness, and the general care and concern are indicative of the great company that I know Zoints is.

There is a great deal of difference between saying and doing. Any company can have a list of empty promises and goals. The difference between Zoints and "that company" is that we mean what we say. Zoints is only beginning, and I can already see our Ten Principles,coming to fruition.

We are treated like people at equals. Every person working with (I use "with" because it truly is a team effort, if I felt it wasn't I would use "for") Zoints is treated with respect and valued as an individual. This company is going to be great because we all care about our goals - to help online communities achieve their potential as the 'killer app' of the internet, and to unite people.

As I write this, I not only feel proud but hopeful. The future looks bright, and it feels so great to be "part of something." Time will only tell how Zoints will fare, but for me, it is already a success.

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