Tuesday, December 20, 2005


On the Loss of a Friend

My own thoughts:

I have come to realize this week that friendships forged online are just as powerful as those that begin ‘in real life.’ I knew this already, as I have met many wonderful people on the internet. However, a recent occurrence reinforced this point for me personally. A few days ago, tragedy struck the Zoints family. We lost one of our own.

Chris ‘Fubarbabee’ Doherty, one of our Community Consultants and beloved friends, was taken from us in a car accident.

You may be wondering how it is possible to grieve for someone you’ve never even met face-to-face. Actually, it’s easy. Online relationships are unique in that they are much more candid. We feel that the firewall we sit behind protects us, and allows us to be ourselves from the get go. We don’t put on fronts. We don’t act to impress. We are just us. In that sense, it is easy to become close to people much more quickly. Although I never knew Chris in ‘real life,’ I probably talked with her more frequently than if I had, and I got to know her on a deeper level. I am thrilled that the internet gave me the opportunity to get to know such a wonderful soul. She was a joy to work with, had a heart of gold, and was a dear, dear friend.

Chris once posted on a message board, “The possibilities in life are infinite if you get excited about living.” And she DID. Not only that, but she shared that excitement with others. Her spirit was contagious. She believed in us, and she believed in bringing people together. Ultimately, this is what Zoints is about. We are excited about living, and excited about forging and cultivating relationships. And we want to spread that excitement. By doing that, we will not only make the world a better place, but we will keep Chris’s spirit with us forever.

and a few words from David Chapman, our CEO:

I met Christina "Fubarbabee" Doherty on September 29th, 2004 after she joined one of my online communities. She had just performed a Google search for information discussed on my site and decided to stick around. She immediately stood out from the crowd with her excellent writing skills and sharp wit. It wasn't long before I asked her to join the community moderation team. Over time, I grew to value her input so much that I asked her to join the team I was putting together for Zoints, as I like to surround myself with people who are smarter than I am.

I will miss Chris not only on a professional level (she brought so much to Zoints) but on a personal level too. I don't know that I can articulate what an incredible person she was and god knows I cannot quantify how much I will miss her.

Compliments of Jason Mitsios, one of our talented designers:

Shit man, I'm sorry you were affected so much. I barely knew her, so I can't say the same. But still, I was shocked to hear the news. May she RIP.

Thank you. It was touching to see how respectful the members of LWS were, even if they didn't know Chris personally. Makes you see how wonderful online communities really are. :)
Sincere condolences from one who lost a brother that way. In fact, it sort of drives me to be a free lance traffic safety advocate. My blog is here... http://www.thegridlocksmith.blogspot.com I am curious about Zoints. When do you expect to be operational?
Our condolences as well. I just looked at your blog, and it's interesting. Will read more. We are in testing now, and expect to begin a live beta shortly.
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