Friday, December 30, 2005


It's time to give something back.

Giving Back
Zoints will donate 5% of our annual profits to charity. We believe that is it time for companies to give back to the community.

When I take a look at my life, I realize just how lucky I am. I have a great family that loves me, wonderful friends, and a great job here at Zoints. There isn’t much more I could ask for. I should be completely happy, right? The sad truth is that I’m not. I look around and see people ailing from diseases that we currently have no cure for, children being abused, and death and war every time I turn on the TV. There are people all over the world who are suffering while I sit at home in comfort and think to myself, “There must be something more that I can do."

Well now there is. As a member of the Zoints team, I know that 5% of our annual profits will go to some of the best charities in the world. Charities are working around the clock to develop a cure for AIDS, end domestic violence, provide emergency relief, and achieve numerous other goals, all in an attempt to improve the quality of life world wide. The list of charities that are donated to is determined by input from the entire Zoints staff. This ensures that a wide variety of organizations and causes are supported.

We believe that it is about time for the community to start giving back to the community. We hope that by taking this step, other big businesses will be encouraged to follow suit, and we can start to better the lives of our neighbors around the world, as well as those right here at home.

Hi Robert, This is a wonderful gesture. I am requesting a charitale gift from you and no, it's not money. My blog is dedicated to keep the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the spotlight. If you could be so kind just to send it to your friend and family, that is all we are asking for. Here is the link and allow me to wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.
Very cool dangle, I will pass this on for you.
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