Friday, December 09, 2005


Customers and integrity come first.

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our principles. We realize this is unattainable if we don't consistently maintain our integrity. By being clear, honest, helpful, and considerate, our goal is ultimately to make your world a better place.

The above is excerpted from our Ten Principles, the guidelines by which we manage Zoints. This principle gets at what REALLY matters. You. Our customers. PEOPLE. Too many businesses become obsessed with the 'bottom line' and forget that customers are human beings. Not only that, but companies actually fail because they neglect people. Throughout my own professional AND consumer experience, I have interacted with many a customer service department. And frankly, they disgust me. Service is poor because people have come to accept it as the norm. They just don't realize that something better exists.

At Zoints, our philosophy is simple - provide a product or service that speaks for itself, and you won't have to become obsessed with the bottom line. Do right by people, and you'll succeed in the long run. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've tried to explain this concept. It's so simple that many minds cannot even grasp it. Many companies try to improve customer service through sensitivity training or adjustment of their hiring practices, but these are afterthoughts. Service needs to be THE priority, from square one. It needs to be at the root of everything we do, and it needs to permeate every aspect of our business. For Zoints, customer satisfaction isn't enough...we want customer bliss!

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