Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Balance is key!

Work hard, play hard.
We are diligent because we are passionate about our business. We also recognize the importance of a work-life balance. There is a lighter side to life, and we never forget it.

If people work too hard, we will eventually burn out. If we don’t take breaks and get sufficient rest, we become sick. If we neglect our personal lives, we’ll have problems. These statements are deceptively simple. Easy to read, yes…but many people have difficulty truly maintaining a work-life balance.

At Zoints, we want the members of our family to be successful in all aspects of their lives. Of course we want them to excel professionally, but we also want them to have fulfilling and happy personal lives. Hard work is important, of course – but if we can’t enjoy life, there really is no point! We encourage our team to find amusement and humor in their work, and to get to know one another as people, rather than just fellow ‘cogs in the machine.’ We believe this philosophy is what makes us such a tightly knit group of not only co-workers – but family members and friends.

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