Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Zoints is Coming!

Zoints is going to change the way you interact with others. Zoints is going to help you connect with people all over the world like never before. Zoints will cure all fatal diseases. Zoints will give you your confidence back. Zoints will deliver world peace.

Ok, maybe Zoints won’t do all of those things. But it will definitely rock your world when it arrives!

I know it’s hard to really impress you while remaining so vague. So, please...allow me to further satiate your curious mind.

When one thinks of a community, one often thinks of a group of people who live together in a certain geographic area and interact with one another often. But the times they are a’ changin', my friend. Geographical constraints no longer need apply, thanks to the wonders of the internet. Your community doesn’t just mean your neighborhood where you live, work, eat, sleep, shop, etc. Thanks to the internet, your community can be comprised of of diverse groups of people, or small groups of like-minded individuals, both from all over the world! This isn't to say that your local friends need to be excluded; that's the beauty of it! You can now choose your community without ever leaving your bedroom, couch, or office.

Zoints aims to get you there.

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